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ETA-PCS Switchgear Manufacturing L.L.C popularly known as ETA-PCS is engaged in the design, manufacture and assembly of Low Voltage Switchgear since the year 1983. It is a specialist establishment for manufacture of Low Voltage Switchboards, Motor control Centers, Protection Relay Panels and Control Panels. These are now marketed under the brand name of ‘ETA Switchgear’.


ETA-PCS has well established manufacturing facilities at their works in Al Quoz Industrial area in Dubai. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities include CAD Design and drawing systems, CNC machines, conveyerised Powder Coating Plant, Precision Testing & Commissioning Equipments, Etc.

Our Engineering   Our Product Range

ETA-PCS has very high engineering capacities to design complex control systems and integrate the same with power switchgear. Over the years, through its commitment to perfection, ETA-PCS has entrenched itself as standard-bearer in the UAE for Low Voltage Systems. In recognition of its excellence in quality, ETA-PCS has bagged several prestigious projects not only in the UAE but also in Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Ghana Etc.,


ETA-PCS manufactures a complete range of Protection Relay Panels, Control Panels, Fault Recorder panels, Marshalling Cabinets and Local control cubicles which have been used in High & Medium voltage substations and Industrial Projects.

Our Quality   Our Clients

ETA-PCS has established Quality System based on ISO 9001: 2000. After effective and successful implementation of the established Quality System, ETA-PCS has achieved ISO 9001 certification in February 1997. The process of implementation and continuous improvement continues in ETA-PCS.

To ensure quality and durability of its wide range, ETA-PCS sources all components such as protection relays, control components, busbar supports, circuit breakers, wiring accessories etc. directly from well known major European / North American manufacturers. These are then assembled, wired and tested at its fully equipped manufacturing facility exactly in accordance with international norms and standards.

Well-known International & Local Consultants have been regularly endorsing ETA-PCS Switchgear & Control products.


ETA-PCS have been associated with a number of projects for the UAE Armed Forces and supplied imported and locally assembled Low Voltage Switchgear, Package Substations, Feeder Pillars, Motor Control Centres, Lighting Control Panels and Relay and Control Panels. ETA-PCS is associated with GE Power Controls, Europe (subsidiary of GE, USA) through AEG of Germany. Apart from representing the AEG Low Voltage Switchgear , ETA-PCS has been licensed to manufacture L.V Main Switchboard and Motor Control Centres of AEG's Design.

ETA-PCS has developed LV Main Switchboards of their own design in line with local requirements and BS 5486: Part 1 1990 / IEC 439: Form 1 to Form 4. These L.V. Main Switchboards has been successfully tested for short circuit withstand capabilities and certified by ASTA, UK.

ETA-PCS has also locally developed Sub Main Switchboards and Feeder Pillars in line with local requirements and BS 5486: Part 1 1990. These Sub Main Switchboards and Feeder Pillars have also been successfully tested for short circuit withstand capabilities and certified by ASTA, UK.

  Our Principals and Associates:  

GE Power Controls: AEG L.V. Switchgear.

GE Energy Services, Canada : Substation control and monitoring system.

SIEMENS, Germany, Siemens Reyrolle, U.K, AREVA, France.

Vaasa Controls Oy, Finland (VACON)(for Variable Frequency Drives)

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