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ETA-PCS Switchgear Manufacturing L.L.C popularly known as ETA-PCS is engaged in the design, engineering, and assembly of Low Voltage Switchgear since the year 1983.

It has grown progressively complimenting the various products required in the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power primarily in the utilities and industrial sectors.

The various products being offered are Low Voltage Switchboards, Motor Control Centres, Protection Relay & Panels, Local Control Cubicles for high voltage Switchgear, Generator Control Panels, Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Package Substations and PLCs, RTUs & Substation Automation Solutions.

These products and solutions are widely used in High and Medium Voltage substations, Commercial and Residential Buildings, Industrial and Infrastructure segments.

As a backward integration PCS established a sheet metal factory in the year 1996 for all its enclosure requirements which constitute a substantial portion of the engineered equipment sold. PCS has implemented Balanced Score Card since 2005; a strategic & planning tool to align the various business functions & improve internal processes based on the vision of the company.

ELECDES, a design software was introduced in 2003 which is a powerful tool to cater to electrical design activity for automatic wire numbering which helps saving time & resources

Besides the UAE, PCS today caters to businesses in the utility sectors of The Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. PCS possesses the required credentials & certification to supply to all these major utilities.

ETA-PCS has well established manufacturing facilities at their works in Al Jurf Industrial area, Ajman, United Arab Emirates. The factory was set up in 2007 and is housed in an area of 81,000 sq ft land with a built up area of 36,000 sq ft. Business & process transactions are conducted with SAP.

ETA-PCS has very high engineering capabilities to design complex control systems and integrate the same with power switchgear. Through its commitment to perfection and rigorous training & development of workforce, ETA-PCS has entrenched itself as a most preferred supplier in the various segments it caters to.

ETA-PCS recognizes “Quality is vital for business sustainability” – in pursuit of excellence, ETA-PCS established Quality System based on ISO 9001: 2008 and also implemented ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. The process of continuous improvement endures in ETA-PCS.

ETA-PCS strongly believes in “BEST IN BEST OUT (BIBO)” - ETA-PCS sources all components such as protection relays, control components, circuit breakers, etc., directly from reputed European and North American manufacturers. These are then assembled, wired and tested at its fully equipped manufacturing facility exactly in accordance with international standards and local requirements.

PCS represents GE-Grid solutions (ALSTOM) for the Relay Protection and Substation Automation as a Value added reseller & GE-Industrial Solutions as a channel partner for the various Low Voltage Switchgear products.

Management Message

I wish to thank you for visiting the PCS website

These are stirring yet interesting times at PCS and I sincerely hope that this portal gives an opportunity to our valued visitors, principals, vendors & customers to know about our products, services, strategies financial performance and above all the values which are reflected in all aspects of our day to day happenings.

I take pride in Team PCS, which is result-oriented with a culture that puts customer at the centre of whatever they do. Everyone has a passion & objective to ensure a high level of quality in the end product.

They are all dedicated and share an incredible journey thus far & I look forward to continuing to engage with them in the future.

Besides the UAE, PCS caters to business in the utility sectors of The Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This is a major accomplishment which is rather unique across the Middle East & our customers will continue to patronize us as long as our supplies & services are exceptional.

I will continue to update this website at the appropriate time so that it remains an ideal source of information.

Thank you again for taking time to visit the PCS website and I welcome any constructive feedback you may have.

Head of Engineering


We want to be world class system integrator and manufacturer of Electrical and Automation System in AGCC countries


We shall achieve our visions through applying superior technological expertise, introducing new and robust products, creating a safe work environment, deputing the best talents, practicing ethical business and partnering with best associates.


  • Trust, respect & value People
  • Institutionalize individual ownership & accountability
  • Build & value diversity
  • Deliver & exceed customer expectation
  • Embrace open communication & information sharing
Organization Structure and Team

ETA-PCS has 240+ committed, dedicated and energetic employees who are spear headed by the Manufacturing Head Mr. Yousuff Hameed Sait who is having more than 25 years of experience in the field of Electrical and Automation.

ETA-PCS fully committed to fulfill customer demands through Quality, Quantity, Cost, Delivery & Services altogether with high reliability factor (QCDS-R)

At ETA–PCS, we are aware that our employees are the boulder of our organizations ethics and the very backbone of our success. The company had gained phenomenal growth and success through the expertise of its dedicated team and has sustained for over 35 years in the market as one of the most reputed organizations in the transmission and distribution industry.

ETA-PCS is equipped with contemporary manufacturing facility in Al Jurf Industrial Area, Ajman, U.A.E. The sprawling 81,000 Sq ft, State-of-the-art manufacturing unit embrace world class manufacturing standards.

It is equipped with an array of modern machineries to advance software such as AutoCAD, Elecdes, and Paneldes among other sophisticated quality and testing equipments to produce and ensure highest standard of compliance of its products.

ETA-PCS has remarkable engineering abilities to design complex control systems and integrate the same with power switchgear.  Over the years, through its commitment to perfection, ETA-PCS has ingrained itself as a standard-bearer in the UAE for Low Voltage Systems.  In recognition to its quality excellence, ETA-PCS has bagged several prestigious projects from UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Ghana and Qatar etc.



The Top Management holds in high regard the safety and health of its employees.

The Corporate HSE Department headed by a General Manager is an independent department functioning under the HRM Division. Around 170 qualified HSE professionals are deployed in various projects and they are empowered to inspect and audit all the operations of the company independently.


The Corporate HSE Mission is to facilitate the line staff to Plan, Organize and Execute all their operations without jeopardizing the Health and Safety of Employees and without any damage or harm to the Environment, by adopting the best practices in the industry and to the complete satisfaction of the customers and stake holders.

ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Management Systems

In ETA-PCS we set our standards and expectations extremely high and we are always seeking ways to make what we do higher with reference to quality standards as well as being more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly.

Commitment to What and How We Operate

In ETA-PCS our staff are very visible and vocal in their commitment to what they do and how they do things, this is reflected by a team or workers who are very motivated to do the best that they can for the organization. This passion, interaction and commitment leads to a quality and safe work focused approach by all, which is commended.

OHSE Objectives

Our objectives are well established and monitored through the various management systems that are in place and we regularly see audits undertaken by third parties. Yes, these audits do tend to raise observations but to date without any non-compliances. This is very satisfying and reflects the efforts exerted, and to this end the team warrant congratulations.

OHSE Performance

OHSE performance is closely monitored by our management as well as a committed OHSE team, in addition Corporate HSE attends the ETA-PCS operational unit as well their projects from time to time to ensure that, legislation, client needs and business requirements are being complied with in the correct manner.

In addition any adverse points raised either by in house OHSE staff are reported to a nominated 3rd party organization who track and generate reports on observations made.

If the topics raised are not effectively closed out the said point gets escalated – eventually, if necessary reaching the CEO of the Business Unit - that is how serious we and the Group are at getting things right in a timely manner.

Customer Relationships towards OHSE

Be assured that customer relationships are treated very seriously indeed, and concerns or comments raised are recorded and prioritized so that these may be acted upon with due priority. Of course, this is what responsible organization’s say they do, and we are no exception, but we are different than some – we actually do react in a positive way to customer and client feedback, after all without customers where would we be, we need you and we are proud that you trust us to deliver our products and services to you.

We want you to consider ETA-PCS to be the best, and that can only be so if we satisfy and exceed your requirements and expectations.