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Low Voltage Switchgear
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Low Voltage Switchgear

Contemporary design, meticulous fabrication using the finest components and accessories, flawless performance and absolute reliability, these are the hallmarks of our extensive range of rugged and reliable switchgear.

ETA-PCS’s professional & dedicated design, development and manufacturing teams have conceived and developed products that meet international standards and are capable of achieving highest customer ratings.

ETA PCS’s are currently OEM partners to GE Industrial Solutions – Power Control and are channel partners to Eaton Corporation for the manufacture of low voltage switchgear assemblies apart from manufacturing our own range of products.

Currently ETA-PCS manufactures and markets a wide array of low voltage switchgears.

Main Feature
Benefits for Customer

  • Fully type tested as per IEC 60439 & IEC 61439
  • Form-1 to Form-4 type design
  • Modular construction
  • Fixed, plug-in and Withdrawable versions
  • Front & rear access
  • Extendable
  • Rated for high ambient & relative humidity.
  • Compliance to local requirement extendable (only for EMF4)


  • Safe and reliable
  • Cost effective and ease of maintenance
  • Compact foot print
  • Cost effective
  • Ease of installation
  • Future demand compliance
  • Suitable for Middle east environment
  • Fit for purpose
Application Segments
  • Commercial                :           Shopping Malls and High rise buildings
  • Infrastructure              :           Rails and Airport
  • Industrial                      :           Process plants such us steel, smelter, luvata sugar
  • Others                         :           T&D substations, Power plants
Product Range



Main switchboards & MCCBs
  • Up to 2500A
  • Up to 6400A

  • EMF4 & EMF4D
  • SENPlus
  • Sub Main switchboard
  • Up to 400A
  • Above 400A
  • Up to 200A
  • ESPB
  • EMF4, EMF4D & SENPlus
  • ETA and GE Design
    • Final DBs

    • Up to 200A
    • Above 200A

    ETA and GE Design
    ETA Design

    ASTA and KEMA Certified
    Quality Assurance

    All panels undergo stringent QA/QC verification process and routine test as per IEC61439-1 standards. The dispatch is effected after the panels are successfully passed the tests.

    Control & Protection Relay Panels

    ETA-PCS is one of the pioneer establishments in UAE engaged with the design, engineering and manufacturing of control & protection relay panels for up to 400kV switchgear.

    ETA’s range of Protection Relays Panels, Control Panels and Control Desks are specially engineered and custom built to cater to the specific needs of the utilities and large industrial undertakings for medium and high voltage protection, control and monitoring applications. These panels are specifically designed for the local environment and ambient conditions.


    The protection relay and control panels are made of electro- galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish. These panels have an external paint finish of silicon grey, RAL 7032 and an internal finish of white RAL 9003.

    The panels are provided with thermostatically / hydrostatically controlled anti condensation heaters to prevent moisture build-up inside the cubicle.

    Internal cubicle illumination with door operated switch is provided as standard. The panel design permits the cubicles to be joined together to form a complete suite of panels. Partition plates are provided between individual cubicles. These plates also have the facility for inter bus wiring and continuity of the Earth bar.

    Flexibility of design

    Panel construction is flexible to suit customer requirements as follows.

    • Fixed covers for front and rear
    • Hinged doors in front and rear
    • 19" rack frames, fixed or hinged
    • Doors on the sides
    • Cable entry from both top and bottom
    • For extension of existing substations
    • Matching C & R panels
    • Different paint finishes
    • Special door locking system - unique keys, padlock, access control etc
    • Swing type 19" rack arrangements
    • Panels with non-standard dimensions
    • Left or Right hinged doors
    Product Ranges
    Protection Relay panels

    Separate Protection Relay Panels for high voltage (upto 220kV) and medium voltage(upto 33kV) are usually constructed as individual panels, one for each bay of switchgear. These panels have hinged doors in the front with a glass window. The protection relays are mounted on a 19" rack, and are accessible after opening the front door. A hinged rear door provides access to the terminals and other components.

    Control Panels

    Control Panels for the high voltage and medium voltage switchgear are generally individual panels, one for each bay of switchgear. Sometimes due to space constraints, the control requirements of more than one bay of switchgear are housed in one panel. The control panel has a fixed front cover with a mimic diagram of the switchgear and all operational / are installed inside and will be accessible on opening the hinged rear door.

    Combined Control and Relay Panels

    For medium voltage schemes where the protection relays are limited, it is sometimes preferable to have a single panel to house the protection as well as the control equipment.

    Such panels have a fixed front cover where the protection relays and other control components would be flush mounted.

    Alternatively, the protection relay portion of the C&R panel could be provided with a hinged door while the control portion would be situated on the fixed front cover.

    LCCs and Busbar Protection Panels

    Local control cubicles for the high voltage GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) and Busbar protection panels are custom built according to operational requirements.


    All control components used in the C&R Panels are from well-known European / American manufacturers. Protection relays of any make can be offered.

    Quality Tests

    All panels undergo stringent tests as per IEC 60439 standards. Complete functional tests of the wired up. The dispatch is effected after the panels are successfully passed the tests.

    Control & Automation

    ETA-PCS has teamed up with GE Digital Energy to provide the customers a world class customized solution for SCADA

    As GE partner and VAR, ETA-PCS is authorized to provide products & services to clients for specific needs. ETA-PCS has a strong presence in Industrial Sector, Transmission & Distribution Utilities.

    The Automation Department of ETA-PCS is backed by highly qualified and experienced team, having comprehensive knowledge and expertise in Design, Engineering & Execution of mission critical and complex projects. Whether it is a new implementation or an adaptation to existing environments, ETA-PCS serves as the single source for end-to-end solutions.

    The Advantages Galore
    The Convenience Advantage: World Class Solutions under one roof

    World Class Solutions at your door-step. That's precisely what ETA-PCS brings to you.

    A matchless team of Qualified Engineers and skilled personnel ably supported with state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing facility has enabled ETA-PCS to Design, Engineer, and Manufacture a varied range of Switchgear Products and Sheet Metal Enclosures. These facilities are put to use for the Control & Automation Systems to enable Manufacture, Integration, Configuration and Factory Acceptance Tests of the complete package in Control & Automation, all under one roof.

    The Technology Advantage: The GE Edge

    Being the System Integrator & Value Added Reseller, ETA-PCS has the able technical and personnel support from GE Digital Energy. ETA-PCS also has access to a very large database of technical knowledge acquired by GE over a period of two decades in this field. ETA-PCS Engineer are effectively trained and authorised by GE to execute projects with the entire gamut of products offered by GE for Substation Automation.

    Further, the GE Advantage helps ETA-PCS to offer customized solutions tailored to unique customer needs, the highly skilled Automation Team of ETA-PCS have extensive experience in offering Substation Automation & SCADA solutions over the past decade.

    The iSACC Advantage: Integrated Substation Automation & Control Centre

    iSACC, Integrated Substation Automation & Controls Centre, is a first-of-its-kind facility in the Middle East to offer System Design, Engineering, Testing and conducting Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for Substation Automation & SCADA solutions.

    It is a development and assembly centre for advanced electronic equipment like Automation Systems and RTUs for substation and other applications. iSACC also offers an excellent Training & Development environment for internal & external customers which wish to learn & engage with the solutions offered by ETA-PCS in the Automation domain.

    The Integration Advantage:
    The Convergence of Control & Production

    The technological convergence of Protection with Substation Controls and Monitoring Systems provides the base platform for the integrated offerings from ETA-PCS.

    ETA-PCS has supplied over 5000 control and protection panel to various utilities and is the only local company approved by all major utilities in the GCC

    The in-depth experience and expertise acquired by ETA-PCS in Protection Engineering and Design, integrated with SCMS offers the customer the right solution for the Control & Automation needs.

    The Engineering Services department has a tight-knit, highly qualified and experienced team of Engineers and Technicians. These skilled professionals are involved in offering world-class engineered solutions in the fields of Testing & Commissioning, Maintenance, Panel Modification and Discrimination study of Transmissions & Distribution Networks, Power Plants, Aluminum and Steels Industries, Commercial Towers, Hotels, Hospitals and other processing plants.

    The Engineering Services teams are fully capable of undertaking total design, engineering and integration of protection systems in LV, MV and HV distribution networks together with the testing and commissioning of high voltage substations.

    In order to achieve these challenging objectives, the Engineering Services department is fully equipped with a highly comprehensive array of advanced, state-of-the-art equipment including computerized relay testing kits, primary and secondary injects kits, high voltage kits, circuit breaker analyzers, harmonic analyzers and very latest thermal videography camera.

    Engineering Services offered by ETA-PCS:

    • T & C: Testing and Commissioning of High, Medium and Low voltage Switchgear, Cables, Transformers, Control & Relay panels, VFDs and DC systems etc.,
    • Protection and Substation Engineering: Selection/application of protection Relays, CTs, PTs, Cable Schedule, Relay setting details, short circuit calculations, discrimination studies etc.,
    • Thermography: Thermal videography and condition monitoring services to detect hot spots in Electrical/Mechanical equipment.
    • Power Quality Analysis: Power quality/Harmonic analysis services.
    • Retrofitting Work: Control and Relay panel modification.